Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Real Estate Listing

Real Estate listing is a medium of advertising the real estate property. There are many ways of listing properties such as listing the real estate property in Print Media (news papers, periodic, classifieds, etc.) and Online Media (online classifieds sites, property verticals, portal for property, etc.). The first question that arises in mind is about choosing the best medium to enlist properties. So, don’t get confused with multiple options, rather analyze what medium is mostly used by people for this purpose. Advertising is done at the location that is common among a majority of people.

Which media is good? Online or Print?

Print Media:
Print media is the traditional way of advertising. Here, advertiser makes many efforts for advertising his/her business, but this mode is very time consuming and full of efforts. There are many manual processes which are done before advertising on print media and it consumes lot of precious time.

Online Media:
Online Media is booming very fast and users/searchers are switching from print media to online media. Online media has instant, updated and more relevant information as compared to print media. Due its advantages of various options to contact advertiser, online media is effortless and does not require much time. Due to all these advantages of finding real estate property online, users have adopted this media and this is the reason advertises want to post ad on online media. For listing a real estate property on the websites, advertisers just have to fill-up a form where they put their business and property details and after an approval they can instantly see the ad on the website.

Below are some top websites of real estate which have option of real estate listing:

It has been analyzed that most of the property dealers in Delhi are getting attracted towards online media and they only prefer to list their ad on real estate website which has options of real estate listing. In online listing you can list any types of property such as buy commercial land, real estate building, office building, residential land, residential flat/building, etc.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property is basically a compilation of four major categories, Retail, Office, Industrial and Multifamily. Various kinds of properties come under these categories such as, office, medical store, retail shop and even a rented building. But in short any property that generates profit out of its use is a commercial property. So, any landlord that gives his property on rent that also falls under the commercial property.
Every businessman wants to own a commercial property for the expansion of his business. But to arrange a commercial property in India is not so easy and especially during the time when US is going under the recession and Europe is loaded with the highly over leveraged debt. Whether it is Indian investor or the foreign investor everyone is wary because of the unambiguous government policies and lack of transparency in the real estate sector.
Twocircles.net reports that Real Estate sector has not yet recovered completely from the impact of the Recession 2008-09, whereas it has again undergone a slowdown due to high interest rates and prohibitive property prices. The RBI has also hiked the housing loan interest rates. So, most of the property buyers have postponed their plans to buy the new property.
Due to high property valuation, Foreign Direct investment (FDI) has also slump down to 2.97 percent from Rs.121, 000 crore in 2010-2011. All the major banks have shut their doors for this industry. The slowdown in the FDI is really an issue of serious concern for the commercial real estate market.
According to the report of Economic Times, Real Estate sector, instead of 15 percent growth, will not exceed more than 10 percent in the coming years. The property rates are so high and even the taxes on the construction is so high that government really needs to think over the prices otherwise this sector can really face troubles in the coming years. However, if you want to buy a commercial property then there are some experts like CCIM (certified commercial investment members) who can assist you in acknowledging the market position so that you could arrange the best property at most equitable prices.
Before buying commercial property you need to consult with any real estate agent because these agents are well capable to consult you and review the property for you, they have good knowledge about commercial real estate.