Monday, 7 November 2011

How to get office space on Rent?

Office space is the space where an organization/company could do all business related documentation work. Before getting a space, many things have to be kept in mind such as location, electricity, water, easy available manpower, transportation, security, etc. If organization doesn’t have its own space for office, it doesn’t mean that they can’t setup an office. It is definitely possible to establish an organization by acquiring some space on Rent.

Below are some useful tips that should be taken care of before taking an office space on rent:

Consult an agent: - Before renting an office space, organization needs to consult a reliable real estate agent. The agent is the person who can help you a lot through his knowledge and experience about rates of office space rent, location, culture of area, facilities, amenities, market you need for your business, etc.

Determine Budge & Do Negotiation: - Set your money limit before taking office space on rent. Owners of property or real estate agents try to make as much money as they can. Without negotiation in property rent rate don’t acquire office space, because most of the property owners/agent tell high price of their property. Mostly after a session of negotiation, owners/agent downs the rate of property.

Confirm that you can restructure the space: - Before taking space ask owner/agent that you are free to decorate the space according to work requirement. You will not get office structure as per your business requirement. So, you will have to re-structure office space like receptionist’s counter, waiting room, conference room, training room, cafeteria, work station, cabins of senior staff, and other rooms.

Don’t Sign long agreement: - Try to sign a short agreement rather than a long period agreement like Five Year, Ten Year, etc.

Control over Utilities: - Make sure that after renting you will have the control over the utilities like heating, air conditioning, water, etc.

Secure Communication: - Before signing agreement, confirm that all communication could reach you easily like all mails, letters, parcels, shipments, etc. It must be secure place for all your communication.

Parking Space: - Before renting an office space, make sure that there must be enough parking space to cater parking needs of your customer or clients.

Comfortable Place: - Place must be a comfortable location where your client could reach to you easily. If the location of your office is difficult to find, then you can lose your client. In this situation, client will prefer to switch to other company.

Don't Pay Extra: - Meanwhile signing the contact, confirm that you are not paying anything extra other than the office space rent. According to lease agreement, there should not be extra charges like parking charges, any shared amenities, etc.

Agents of metropolitan cities like property dealers in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Chandigarh have been found to be more reliable. They advice you as per the above mentioned tips.

This post is only informative, it doesn’t relate to any legal advice.